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September 2014

Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Social Security?
You're probably covered by Social Security, but how much do you know about this program? Test your knowledge by taking this quiz.

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10 Basic Tax To-Dos for the Rest of 2014
Here are 10 things to consider as you weigh potential tax moves between now and the end of the year.

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What Is the Federal Reserve and What Does It Do?
If you follow financial news, you've probably heard many references to "the Fed" along the lines of "the Fed did this or that," or "market watchers are wondering what the Fed will do next." So what exactly is the Fed and what does it do, anyway?

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I just learned that my credit- and debit-card information was part of a data breach. What should I do?
Now, more than ever, consumers are relying on the convenience of credit and debit cards to make everyday purchases, such as gas and groceries, and to make online purchases. With this convenience, however, comes the risk of having your account information compromised by a data breach.

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I'm purchasing a new laptop. Should I also purchase an extended warranty to go along with it?
If you've ever purchased an electronic device or major appliance, chances are you've been asked if you also wanted to purchase an extended warranty or service contract for an additional cost.

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