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We encourage everyone to take a more active role in voicing out your concerns to our elected legislators. Our legislators need to hear from you with  respect to our economic & business needs, taxes, environmental issues, education, & future direction & planning.

bulletGovernor Ambercrombie           [email protected]
bulletLGovernor Schultz                       [email protected]  
bullet click here for more Government Officials
bulletGovernment email contacts

SENATORS click here



bulletHawaii Government Directory and the Guide to Government in Hawaii
bulletLegislative Research Bureau Library:      [email protected]
bulletPublic Access Room: 587-0478               [email protected]
bulletState's internet listing of hearings
bulletState's General Web Page
bulletLegislature's Automated Bill Report Service: 586-7000

The following phone list is for the Island of Oahu primarily.

bulletAbandoned vehicles: 733-2530
bulletAction Line: 591-0222
bulletAirports: For noise and other airport concerns, 1-888-697-7813
bulletAnimal nuisance complaints:  946-2187x280
bulletBetter Business Bureau of Hawaii: 536-6956
bulletBirth/death/divorce certificates: 586-4333
bulletBook/magazine donations: 536-4174
bulletBulky item pickup: 523-4685 (Honolulu),  455-1725 (Aiea-Pearl City-Ewa), for other areas check with Honolulu City & County
bulletBus Information: 848-5555
bulletCoast Guard: 800-424-8802 (toxic spills), 800-552-6458 (search/rescue)
bulletComputer Donations: 1-800-939-6000
bulletConsumer Affairs: 587-3222
bulletCredit ratings: TRW, 800-392-1122; Trans  Union, 316-636-6100, or Equifax, 800-685-1111
bulletGraffiti Hotline: 296-9473
bulletHawaii State Library reference: 586-3621
bulletHawaiian Electric trouble line: 548-7961
bulletHousehold hazardous waste hotline: 523-4774
bulletKokua Line: 525-8686, fax 523-8509
bulletLandlord/tenant problems: 586-2630
bulletLifeguard Service: 922-3888
bulletNational Fraud Information: 800-876-7060, click here
bulletNoise complaints: 586-4700
bulletPoison Center: 941-4411
bulletPotholes: 536-7852, 527-6006
bulletRats and other unwanted creatures: 831-6767
bulletRecycling Hotline: 527-5335
bulletSanitation complaints: 586-8000
bulletSex Abuse Treatment Center: 524-7273
bulletSidewalks, overgrown lots, other housing -code violations: 527-6308
bulletSocial Security: Check social security records every three years. Compare your W-2 withholding with the SSA’s printout, which you can obtain by calling 800-772-1213. An uncorrected mistake could reduce your lifetime benefits.
bulletSuicide & Crisis Center: 521-4555, 538-0279
bulletWater waste hotline: 527-6126
bulletWeather Info: 973-4380

For other important numbers check the first page (inside cover) of your telephone book, also check the frequently called numbers in the County Government Section & Hawaii State Government Section & United States Government Section in your white pages telephone directory.