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Web Changes & Latest Updates

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

[New!] Edwin Y. Endo, OD Establishes Internet Presence

For feature story of Amy  Endo, CPOT in the Star Bulletin click here


For a feature story of ?Amy Endo CPOT in the the.honoluluadvertiser.com click here

Product & News  Releases

These are the latest eyecare and news releases we've issued over the last year. You may want to search for topics by keyword.

bullet OPTIX, AQuify 5 Minute MPS New from CIBA
Last week, CIBA Vision introduced its new O2OPTIX silicone hydrogel contact lens for daily wear. Using CIBA's silicone hydrogel and surface technology, O2OPTIX offers oxygen transmissibility of 138 Dk/t @ -3.00, higher than other daily wear lenses. CIBA will offer the lens in a single base curve (8.6mm) in spherical powers from -1.00D to -6.00D, and will expand the range next year. It is readying a toric version of O2OPTIX for release.
CIBA Vision also introduced AQuify 5 Minute Multi-Purpose Solution (MPS) last week. Says CIBA Vision North America Vice President Jeff Cohen, "With a speedy, 10-second rub and five-minute soak, AQuify 5 Minute MPS users can rapidly and effectively care for their soft contact lenses then get on with their lives
bulletVery new, high fashion, hip and changeable lenses, here comes  Transitions. click here for more information.

bulletVitamin Supplements May Prevent Cataracts
Like a recent report about the benefits of vitamins for
age-related macular degeneration, a new study of 478 women
found that vitamins C and E along with lutein and zeaxanthin
may help prevent cataracts. Vitamin C showed the strongest
relationship between increased intake levels and a lower
incidence of cataracts, according to the study, which was
published in the July issues of The Archives of
bulletCiba launches its new Dailies "One Day Disposable Contact LensesFocus Progressive Bifocal Soft Contact Lenses.", Ciba Night & Day.
bulletVisx receives FDA approval to treat Myopia up to -12 and astigmatism up to -4 , and Hyperopia up to +6 and -1 astigmatism with new Laser Surgery
bulletAvailable now -- Johnson & Johnson New Advance, Acuvue 2, & Disposable Bifocal Soft lenses , a new line of colored contact lenses, Colorblends by Wesley Jessen is hot & very popular!.
bulletHealth Updates--Viagra, Osteoporosis, Medicate Updates, Walking & Aging, and more, click here.

Trends and Forecasts for the next 25 years by World Future Society wfs.org click here


World & Environmental Facts

bulletSix of the first eight months of 1998 were marked by all-time high global temperature records. World getting warmer. Economic loss from weather-related natural disasters set a new record of $92 billion, more than the entire decade of the 1980's. Warmer temperatures mean more acceleration of  melting, and may cause the inundation of
bulletEvery week, the world's urban centers are increased by more than one million people.
bulletChina accounts for half of world pork consumption. 
bullet World population is projected to grow to 8.8 billion in 2050 with almost all the increase in developing countries.. Pakistan is projected to surpass U.S. by 2050. World population will exceed 6 billion by end of this year.
bulletOver exploited marine fish species jumped from zero in 1950 to 70 percent.
bulletOne in five fish eaten today was raised on a fish farm. Aquaculture is booming. Fishermen are catching and marketing fish that were once considered inedible.
bulletOf the world's 6 billion people, 1.3 billion are living on $1 a day or less.
bulletWorld forests are still declining. The United States, western Europe, Japan (less  than 15% of the world's population) consume 66% of the world's paper supply. Paper production accounts for 40 percent of the world's industrial wood use.
bulletWind power grew at 26 percent, and sales of solar cells jumped 43 percent. Perhaps, we are finally embarking on the  beginning of the last days of the age of oil.
bullet3/4ths of the car factories to be built during the next three years will be in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia.
bulletWater scarcity is emerging as a serious constraint on efforts to increase world food production. Spreading water shortages threaten to reduce the global food supply by 10 percent.
bulletMany governments with rapidly growing populations are showing signs of demographic
bulletGovernment rely too much on taxes on jobs and investments and too little on resource depletion and pollution. Using taxes instead of regulations, governments can set targets for environmental protection and markets can do what the do best, finding the cheapest ways to hit those targets.
bulletThe number of fast food restaurants in the US has more than doubled since 1970.
bulletEvery human being harbors about 500 synthetic chemicals that were nonexistent before 1920.