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Ciba launches new  Focus Bifocal Disposable Contact Lenses

Focus DAILIES One-Day Contact Lenses

Ciba has combined the benefits of a new biocompatible lens material with a patented, state of the art manufacturing process to make Focus Dailies One-Day Contact Lenses the most desirable daily wear option for the spherical soft lens  patients. The next time you wear contact lenses, consider the health and comfort benefits of beginning each wearing period with a new pair of fresh, sterile lenses that are worn once and then discarded. Lightstream technology makes it possible to produce a thin design for optimum comfort while maintaining excellent handling, comfort and consistent vision.

Specially priced to our patients and comes with a  $40/80 manufacturers rebate. For prescriptions up to -6.00.

A new line of colored disposable contact lenses, Colorblends by Wesley Jessen, is now available with two near colors, Honey and Turquoise. This disposable opaque lenses combine three distinct color patterns to closely simulate the shading of the natural iris. This lens will incorporate a darker periphery with a lighter brown inner design. They will be available in blue, green, gray and brown. Wildeyes .

Johnson & Johnson new Disposable Bifocal soft contact lenses utilizing pupil intelligent technology are now available. They come in the RX range of +4.00 to -6.00 with adds up to +2.50. This new contact lens promises to clear the fuzzy vision of aging Americans or baby boomers  who would rather squint than be caught wearing bifocals. Provide a more youthful-looking alternative.

Also, brand new and improved design are the Acuvue 2 with better handling & performance and better comfort & for a limited time comes with a $30 rebate & free   shipping.                           
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