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Contact Lenses

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Soft Contact Lenses   (all major brands available)

bulletOne Day Disposables: One Day Acuvue, Daillies, Ciba Night & Day
bulletTwo Week Disposables: Acuvue 2, Biomedics, Freshlook Tint, Colorblends,  & Opaque,  Focus, Focus Softcolors, Ocular Science 60, Precision  UV,   Surevue, Acuvue Bifocals, Focus Progressives
bulletMonthly to Quarterly: Focus, Focus toric, Frequency 55,  Gentle Touch, Optima FW, Preference toric,
bulletQuarterly to SemiAnnually: Edge111XT, Softcon EW
bulletAnnually: Ciba Visitint, CSI, D2LT, D3LT, Softmates, Torisoft
bulletColors: D2 & D3 Opaque, Freshlooks & Colorblends, Illusions, Natural Touch, Wesley Jessen, for more info on Wild Eyes, click here.
bulletBifocals: Bi-Con, Lifestyle, Multifocal, Occasions, Softsite

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (all major brands available)

bulletHDS 100, Boston Envision, Boston ES, Boston Rxd, Boston 7, Boston XO, Fluorex, Flurocon, Fluoroperm, Menicon, Polycon, Tangent Streak
bulletBifocals, Trifocals, Monovision, Bitorics, are available

Patient Benefits

bulletFast ordering & competitive pricing & rebates
bulletWe provide excellent service & value.
bulletOffer direct delivery
bulletProvide same-day dispensing.
bulletUnlike Mail-Order companies we do not charge for membership, we are authorized distributors, we make no substititions, and we do not sell lenses with early expiration date.

Special Pricing (not including eye examination and   fitting fees). For more information about contact lenses, click here. To order contacts, click here.

Description Quantity Price Rebate* Price after rebate
Acuvue 8 boxes $ $ $
Dailies 90 pairs $ $ $
Cibas Night & Day 4 boxes $ $ $
Glitter Eyes 2 pr $129 $ $
Radiance 4 boxes $ $ $