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SoftLens Solutions

bulletAosept Clear Care System: Total Care Regimen: Perfect for allergy eyes
bulletComplete Multi-Purpose Solution: Excellent for dry eyes
bulletOptifree Express Multi-Purpose Kit, Tetronic 1304 Presentation. Allergan Complete Bulk Pack at special pricing and even free delivery. Includes Six 12oz complete with six cases and two bottles of refresh tears for only $45 (after $10 rebate) or click here (enter key=drendo) or call 1-866-266-4598.
bulletQuickcare System
bulletRenu Multi-Purpose Solution
bulletSoloCare: New & Specially priced
bulletUltracare System

Gas Permeable Solutions

bulletContacts Clean & Soak: the best cleaner for gas permeables

Eyedrops (artificial tears) for dry eyes

bulletGenteel "new"
bulletNatural Tears
bulletRefresh Plus
bulletRefresh Tears

Patient Benefits

bulletFast ordering
bulletCompetitive pricing
bulletWe provide excellent service & value


Description Quantity Price Rebate Price after rebate
Clear Care/Aosept  Kit 3 months
Complete Kit 3 months call or email for pricing
Quickcare Kit 3 months
Refresh Plus call or email for pricing
SoloCare 2 12oz