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PS Jewelry

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PS Jewelry & Collection:  Supplier of highest quality fine jewelry and gem crafts from China & worldwide. Collection of the most rarest, unusual, beautiful, many "one of a kind" rocks , crystals & carvings.  Quality that you will not find anywhere else. we travel worldwide to seek the finest artisans, carvers, and highest quality one-of-a kind gems or stones that will only satisfy those with a taste for unrivaled excellence and rarity and extreme beauty. This is a rock and gem shop that you must visit in Hawaii and enjoy the natural and vibrant beauty of the rare  hidden wonders of the earth that are sought by many collectors worldwide. Jane & Frank Wei, Ward Warehouse (2nd Floor), IBM Building, 3rd Floor, ste 306, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 96814, Ph/Fax (808) 596-8037, [email protected]

We've Moved, please note new address

bullet www.PsJewelry.com
bulletPh/Fax (808) 596-8037
bullet psfortunejade@aol.com

Here is just a sampling of what you will find at this most wonderful and treasured shop.

bulletNew Rare Jades
bulletFabulous Carvings
bulletRare Authentic Jade Bangles
bulletExquisite Necklaces & Bracelets
bulletRings for the Rich & Famous







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