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Contact Lenses

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We offer full, professional eyecare service on all aspects of contact lenses care  including  disposables, colored contacts, gas permeables, torics, and even "hard to fit" patients.

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Vision Braces: "Vision Braces"; super gas permeable contact lens devices worn overnight or daytime which reduces and helps maintain your current prescription much like dental retainers brace your teeth. If you are  interested in reducing your myopia and contact lens prescription or are concerned that your vision is worsening, Vision Braces may be what you need. Vision Braces will  temporarily reverse significant amounts of myopia and astigmatism and in many cases people people who wear their Vision Braces while asleep can go contact lens and eyeglass free with excellent vision during waking hours! For more information on Vision Braces, contact our office to set up an evaluation.

How To Turn 40 Without Turning To
Bifocals.... by Ciba Vision, CooperVision, Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson


Disposable Contacts That You Can Dispose of Bifocals

Nature has her way of reminding us that time is passing. One of the most common signs of
growing older is when it becomes difficult to focus clearly on objects close to you. This usually means it's time to wear bifocals or reading glasses.

When you reach the age for bifocals, you can reach for Air Aqua Optix Multifocal that lets you see clearly both near and far. CooperVision gives you the added convenience of disposable contact lenses.

Whether you've already joined the millions of adults who have trouble seeing near, or you're headed in that direction, you can look forward to the freedom of reading and other close-up activities without the bother of bifocals.

The easier way to see near and far.

Multifocals is a different vision correction system than bifocal contact lenses and doctors have used it for years. With Multifocals, your contact lenses let you see clearly from near and far effortlessly.

If you currently wear bifocals or reading glasses, Air Aqua Optix Multifocals frees you from the nuisances associated with them. Your field of vision is greater, because there are no eyeglass frames interrupting your peripheral vision. Air Aqua Optix Multifocals also means no more glasses to put on and take off, misplace or lose. And you won't have glasses sliding down your nose. Or fogging up.

The better way to wear contact lenses.

If you've been wearing ordinary contact lenses, CooperVision Disposable Contact Lenses give you extra convenience. Just wear a pair of CooperVision for up to a week and throw them away. Then replace them with a fresh, new pair. There's no cleaning. No messy solutions. And no lost or damaged lens emergencies.

Air Aqua Optix Multifocalscontact lenses fit for daily wear use. With a daily wear schedule, it is recommended that you replace the lenses every two weeks, and your eye doctor may simplify your cleaning and disinfecting regimen by deciding that enzymatic cleaning can be eliminated altogether.

What's more, by replacing your lenses frequently, there's no discomfort from long-term deposit build up. No wonder Air Aqua Optix Multifocals is the contact lens doctors prescribe - and wear - the most.

Come in for an eye examination and see if Air Aqua Optix Multifocals is right for you. If it is, you can start with a Free Trial Pair*. Then you can finally say bye-bye to bifocals and the hassles that go with them!

*Professional exam fees not included.

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