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Envision Yourself

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artAbout Envision Yourself: Seeing Well and Looking Good. Envision Yourself was conceived and  created by the Vision Council of America. Our office is proud to utilize the principles and concepts of Envision Yourself to provide you the best results and satisfaction with your eyewear selection.

bulletWe help our patients to select eyewear that meets individual considerations of style and image.
bulletImprove our patients satisfaction with their eyewear purchases.

Eyewear DO's and DON'TS (from the "Envision Yourself" Program

bulletDo..refuse to look your age. Half-eye "readers" make you look like a granny. Ask your eyecare professional about progressive lenses that can help keep you looking young.
bulletDo...have your glasses cleaned and professionally adjusted so they don't fall down your nose.
bulletDo...wear colored frames -- color will turn your eyewear into a fashion accessory.
bulletDo...remember that eyewear has style; outdated glasses are as unflattering as an old outfit.
bulletDo...ask for an anti-reflective coating for your lenses. This will let others see your eyes while helping you see better.
bulletDo...select known products and brand names. All eyewear is not the same. Just as poor quality window glass and mirrors distort a view, so too does poor quality lenses.
bulletDo...ask your eyewear consultant about polishing lens edges. Edge polishing minimizes lens thickness, and keeps you from looking "nerdy."
bulletDo...select eyewear with the assistance of a vision care professional who can help you find attractive and comfortable eyewear to fill your vision needs.

bulletDon't...be afraid to wear glasses if you have a heavy prescription. A trained eyecare professional can recommend high-index lenses that can accommodate your prescription in a lighter, thinner lens.
bulletDon't...buy glasses that are so large they hide your eyes plus half your face.
bulletDon't...wear an old-fashioned bifocal with a line. You will look out of style and out of date. Ask your eyecare professional about no-line progressive lenses.
bulletDon't...hide your eyes. Make sure the center of your lens is untinted to let your eyes shine through. Consider cosmetically tinting the upper and lower portions of the lens to match your eye color and skin tone.
bulletDon't... go outside in the daytime without sunglasses with 100 percent ultraviolet (UV) protection. Cataracts have been linked to UV radiation, and squint wrinkles will age you before your time.
bulletDon't...be afraid to own more than one pair. Eyewear is the accessory that is noticed the most -- the one that frames your eyes.
bulletDon't...wear broken or "home-mended" glasses. Buy a spare pair "just in case."                                                                    

Fashion trends/Colors:

Well-known designer labels have come out with new introductions along new sleeker, smaller-shaped lines. Last year, it was glamour and big, now it's closer to the eye and sexier. Plastics and metals are both strong, but metals are the most popular. Combinations of metal fronts and plastic temples look good, too.

In metal frames, the oval and rectangle are the most popular shapes, followed by squares and skinny ovals & small wires in all shapes.

The best frame colors  are matte-black and tortoise, followed by deep browns and deep olives. The brown family is particularly noteworthy, everything from metallicized bronzes to warm beige & copper. Leading-edge colors are ruby reds to purples, shades of indigo and blue.

There are some  brights, in the yellow, celery, and orange families, especially in sport lines. Colored lenses, which we started last summer, have been outstanding, and these will continue. The top lens color is blue, followed by yellow, orange, and violet.

There's a new look in finishes: a light metallicized, translucent, or a muted pearlized, which gives a more matte finish.                   

How You Can Get the Best Eyeglasses

Eyewear has changed more in the last 5 years than in the previous 100, and with a variety of new styles and products from which to choose you can select the sharpest lenses, most flattering frames, and necessary options at the best price. The newest frames are scaled down to smaller proportions with less weight and improved optics and more flattering, eye-accentuating looks. Frame materials include wire-thin titanium and stainless steel to sleek colored plastics and bold metals with new designs. Lenses have become thinner and flatter with less weight and improved appearance and better vision. New "hard" coatings are better and "anti-reflective" coatings are much improved. There are eyeglasses for almost everything including sports & safety, "task" and computer glasses to swimming. And many aging baby boomers can now benefit from today's progressives (no-line multifocals) which represent some of optical engineering's greatest feats.

Really, there is so much to know and we help you decide what is the best options and materials available for your prescription, your personal needs and the best style to match you.

Here is what to look for:

bulletWell-made quality frames. Appearance and feel are important features to look for. Should handle well with smooth and precise opening and closure of frame. Should have smooth finish and even color and looks neat.
bulletQuality names and current styles. Major frame companies with good reputations are Safilo, Luxottica, Charmant, Tura, Neostyle, Christian Dior, Gucci, etc. Not all designer names are reflective of quality.
bulletA Lenses first approach. Your prescription will dictate the best type of frame that you need. For example, if you have a high prescription, choose a small frame.
bulletSeek current-generation, high quality lenses and coatings. Cheaper and poor quality coatings will not last very long and only cost you more money.
bulletInform your vision consultant of what your needs are. Will the glasses be used for work, sports, sewing, etc. If you develop skin irritation from nickel, you should seek nickel-free frames. If you sweat a lot, then you should seek corrosion proof frames.
bulletFrame and coatings guarantee. Quality frames and specialty coatings usually have a manufacturer's warranty (normal wear and tear) of 1-2 years.
bulletYour vision consultant should be certified, have a current license, and many years of experience.
bulletFair prices. Don't assume heavily advertised chain stores will have low prices or that glasses offered by independent eye doctors are overpriced. A recent study by Consumers Reports concluded that the best overall buys were from your independent eyedoctors when based on the following factors: price, quality, accuracy, and service.

Using Frames to Improve Your Looks

bulletTo draw attention to eyes: Use oval frames with anti-reflective coatings.
bulletTo make a full, round face look longer and thinner: Choose a shallow and angular styles, not deep and not round and no broader than the widest part of the face.
bulletTo shorten a long nose: Select a frame with a low or colored bridge.
bulletTo narrow and lengthen a wide nose: Use frames with nose pads or bridges positioned high on the nose.
bulletTo shorten a long face: Try frames with the same width as the face with deeper lenses, lower temples and bridges.
bulletTo widen close-set eyes: Use narrow frames with unobtrusive bridges and a darker color or detailing away from the center.