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Laser Surgery

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There are many exciting things happening with Refractive Eye Surgery!
Here is an update.

About the IFS Laser™

One of the aspects of LASIK surgery that can be off-putting to many patients is having sharp surgical blades anywhere near the eyes. The IFS Laser™ is completely bladeless, using only light energy to create the corneal flap, allowing Dr. Faulkner and Dr Jenkins to perform the actual LASIK procedure and correct distance-vision problems and astigmatism. Although the IntraLase® laser, also a bladeless laser technology that became a standard method for treating our LASIK patients, was a remarkably advanced system, Aloha Laser Vision continues its commitment by embracing the newest laser systems that build on the effectiveness of the ones before. The IFS Laser™ can create a corneal flap in 10 seconds or less, diminishing the overall time it takes to perform LASIK and making it the fastest technology available. The flap is designed with pinpoint precision and customized to each patient’s individual needs. Basically, what this all means is that one of the most important components of LASIK surgery – the creation of the corneal flap – has just gotten quicker, more accurate, and less apt to cause complications than any other LASIK laser system. It can also speed up recovery times and cause less instances of dry eyes after surgery. The IFS Laser™ allows Dr. Faulkner and Dr Jenkins to provide patients with customized LASIK treatment, and even makes it possible to treat many patients who have previously been dismissed as candidates for laser vision correction due to thin corneas.

Frequently Asked Question about the IFS Laser™

bulletIs this the same as the customized procedure I have heard so much about?
bulletIs traditional LASIK unsafe?
bulletHow would you compare the visual outcomes using the IFS Laser™ with those of traditional LASIK?
bulletI have seen several advertisements for “All-laser LASIK.” Is this the IFS Laser™?
bulletIs the IFS Laser™ more expensive?

Is this the same as the customized procedure I have heard so much about?

It’s the critical first step of the customized procedure. There has never been a combination of technologies that have allowed for this type of personalized vision correction. The most exciting part is that while offering the ability to get the best results, we are doing it all with unprecedented safety and precision.

Dr. Alan Faulkner knows that every patient’s eyes are different and therefore need to be evaluated independently and uniquely treated. We now have fully customized all steps of the laser vision correction procedure: custom diagnosis, (before the procedure), custom flap (to start the procedure), and custom treatment (to complete the procedure).

Is traditional LASIK unsafe?

No, the IFS Laser™ reduces the risk of complications reported with traditional LASIK, and we feel that it is very important for our patients. The advanced IFS Laser™ technology has given many patients more confidence when considering laser vision correction. Our surgeons recommend the IFS Laser™ for all of our patients because it provides greater precision and may significantly reduce the possibility of risk.

How would you compare the visual outcomes using the IFS Laser™ with those of traditional LASIK?

The IFS Laser™ is rapidly becoming known as the key ingredient to optimizing results in laser vision correction surgery. The technology is an improvement upon the IntraLase® laser, which comparative clinical studies confirmed that patients see better following laser vision correction with IntraLase® than with previous methods.

Dr. Alan Faulkner can now offer a new level of predictability to each patient in all parts of the procedure: custom diagnosis (before the procedure), custom flap (to start the procedure), and custom treatment (to complete the procedure). We believe that the IFS Laser™ is the essential ingredient of this strategy to obtain your best vision while maintaining the highest standards for safety and patient care.

I have seen several advertisements for “All-laser LASIK.” Is this the IFS Laser™?

Be sure to ask for the IFS Laser™ by name. Only the IFS Laser™ and the IntraLase® FS laser can provide the computer controlled, laser precision required for maximum predictability. Your doctor can explain the difference between other procedures that may be advertised as “all laser,” such as LASEK or PRK which are surface ablations that do not require the creation of a corneal flap. These procedures generally require longer healing time and frequently involve more discomfort.

Is the IFS Laser™ more expensive?

LASIK surgery may be elective but good vision is not. We understand how valuable your sight is to you, and we keep our sights set on finding the most advanced technology and consistently striving to provide only the best for our patients. We do not let cost dictate our standard of care.

Advanced technologies are usually more expensive for the surgeon to employ in a practice. Our doctors continually evaluate all advances in technology and have found that the IFS Laser™ computer-guided system for flap creation is the most sophisticated and accurate system available today.

IFS Laser™ technology provides greater precision, safety and predictability. We believe that laser vision correction enriched with the IFS Laser™ is one of the most important advances in technology today. Because of its unique safety profile, we have invested in this technology in order to maintain our commitment to excellence in patient care.


Allegretto WAVE® EYE-Q

The WaveLight® ALLEGRETTO WAVE® EYE-Q is the fastest laser system available in the United States. While the previous ALLEGRETTO WAVE® system used by Dr. Alan Faulkner could operate at 200 Hz, the new ALLEGRETTO WAVE® EYE-Q doubles the speed to 400 Hz. The increased speed allows us to perform one diopter of correction in merely two seconds. Reducing treatment time allows for a LASIK procedure that is more comfortable than ever before. The 400 Hz EYE-Q laser is ideal for patients who suffer from high astigmatism, high myopia, and other aberrations that previously required an extensive amount of time to treat.

The WaveLight® ALLERGRETTO WAVE® EYE-Q is built in a way that integrates Wavefront Optimized™ technology from its initial construction, unlike other laser systems that retroactively implement wavefront principles. The EYE-Q utilizes the wavefront mapping system to give patients optimal vision while minimizing the risk of post-LASIK vision complications.

Dr. Faulkner chose to invest in the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® EYE-Q laser system before any other doctor because of his commitment to the latest technology and the safety and satisfaction of his patients. To learn more about this laser system, please schedule a private consultation with Dr. Faulkner by contacting our practice today.

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Provide the most careful pre and post care including accurate and repeated testing of your visual correction before surgery


We will work with you to determine the best visual correction that works best for you including monovision (standard or modified).


For more information: Call our office for a free consultation or if you like we can have a Patient Coordinator or myself call you at your convenience and answer the questions that you may have. We have a 10 minute video on the Laser procedure that you may view in our office at any time (no appointment necessary), and brochures are always available.


If you are ready for this exciting procedure, then call our office for a Pre-Laser Exam visit. If you are a soft lens wearer, you must not wear your lenses for at least one week before the pre-laser exam and if you are a rigid gas permeable wearer, you must not wear your lenses for at least 3 weeks.

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Key Benefits

bulletEliminate nearsightedness, farsightedness  & astigmatism.
bulletExcellent for active people who don't like wearing glasses or contacts.
bulletEliminate dependence on glasses or contacts.
bulletQuicker healing time with Lasik & no pain.

In Summary

bulletMyopia up to -12.00. Over -12 may be available.
bulletAstigmatism up to -4.00
bulletHyperopia to +6.00 and astigmatism to -1.00.
bulletMonovision correction also available.