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Welcome to the website of Edwin Y. Endo, OD & Associates. Everything you need to know about eyecare and more.

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Appointment  Scheduling

bulletAfter hours emergency

Easy and Quick Ordering Site

bullet Site for easy ordering of Contact lenses for current patients

Special Promotions & Rebates   

bulletJohnson & Johnson
bulletWesley Jessen
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bulletVision Share

News: latest information and new products

bullet Contacts Updates
bullet  Laser Surgery Updates
bullet  Health Updates


bullet Contact lenses
bullet Eyewear
bullet Lenses
bullet Nutritional Supplements
bullet Solutions


bullet Contact Lenses
bulletComputer Vision & Environmental
bullet Envision Yourself
bullet Eye Examinations
bullet Lacrimology: Punctal plugs
bullet Laser Surgery
bullet Nutrition and Your Eyes
bullet Specialty Lenses
bulletVision Therapy & Sports Vision Enhancement


bulletAnything you ever wanted to ask about eyecare and healthcare & more.

My Favorites Sites & More

bulletLocal Artists
bulletHealth & Nutrition
bulletCollection of various sites including Business,  Nature, Taxes, etc
bulletStock Tips:, Stocks to Watch:, Stocks 2001

Your Government

bullet Helpful Phone List
bullet Your Local Legislatures Email Address

Office Information & Practice Profile

bulletDoctors & Staff
bulletOffice Hours, after hours emergency.
bulletPractice Snapshot: In a nutshell, services we provide.