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Specialty Lenses

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We offer many different lines of optical products, and always of superior quality and value. Based  on your occupational or personal needs, we will assist you in selecting what is best for you. We will take careful and accurate measurements to ensure proper fitting and performance.

We also have an In-Office laboratory and can now do most single vision, bifocals, photoshades, and progressives while you wait.

Anti-Reflective Lenses  With these special coatings, everyone can see your eyes without annoying glare or reflections...and you see better! Reflection free lenses eliminate the unpleasant reflection of surrounding lights (neon lights, headlights...) They improve your vision and reduce eyestrain. We offer only the best,   top quality, durable, multi-coatings with a one year warranty.

Aspheric Lenses These new lenses provide special visual and cosmetic benefits for stronger corrections and increase edge to edge clarity. Flatter than conventional lenses, aspherics eliminate the "bulgy" appearance of strong plus lenses and greatly enhance the appearance of finished eyewear. Persons with strong nearsighted corrections also benefit from thinner, lighter weight glasses when their lenses are aspheric because aspheric lenses are positioned closer to the face, there is less eye magnification with farsighted corrections and less "small eyes" look with nearsighted corrections. Aspherics lenses are often made of high index materials for the ultimate in thin lenses.

Farsightedness-flat & thinner is better.  We offer lenses so flat that no one can tell, thanks to aspheric lenses with no more "bulging eyes," and no more distortion.

Nearsightedness-thinner is better.  We offer the best, thinnest & lighter lenses available including Ultra-lifestyle, hi-index plastic or polycarbonates. These are much thinner and lighter to wear.

Photochromatic Lenses  For glass materials: In addition to Photogray and Photobrown Xtra, Dow Corning now has available Thin & Dark Photogray and Photobrown lenses which are  30% lighter than standard glass lenses, and Clear 16 which is a high index mineral glass. Both can be made in 1.5 center thickness and available with antireflection coating. For plastic (including high index) materials: available are  Transitions V, , Sunsensors,    Photogray and Photobrown Extra, Photosun II,  and others. These are available with anti-scratch and anti-reflection coatings.

Polaroid Lenses  Polaroid lenses eliminate all glossy or   surface reflection, reduces glare, and heightens visual acuity. For example, a map on the dashboard of a car reflecting in the windshield or the sun reflecting on the surface of a lake otherwise transparent. Good for fishing, outdoors,   hunting, sailing, skiing, driving & pool activities. Grey A (light grey) for cloudy or overcast. Grey C is best all around outdoor use & bright dazzling sunshine. Brown C for more contrast or definition. Eagle 475 for ultimate high contrast high definition, blocks out UVA, UVB, & all the bluelight up to 475 nanometers and is good for cloudy or hazy days to bright sunshine.

Presbyopia-a natural visual condition that becomes apparent around the age of 40.

We offer a variety of invisible progressive addition lenses (Pals) including  Varilux, Essilor, Sola, Linefree, etc. With Pals you can see clearly at all distances. With regular bifocals, your vision is blurred at intermediate distance. With reading glasses, you can read the newspaper but everything else is a blur.
In our office, you can try on some demonstration glasses and see the difference between regular bifocals, trifocals, executives, and half eyes but these lenses give your age away. With our newest and latest Pals, no one can tell you're presbyopic. These invisible progressive lenses are becoming increasingly popular the world over, and offers a more natural head position, a wider field of field, and no swaying effect. Ask our Lens Consultant for the best design to meet your needs.

Scratch Resistance  Finally... we have stronger and  more scratch-resistant lens. These are a must to have with every lens  prescription.

Sports Glasses  All sorts of special lens designs are available for the special needs of sports enthusiasts. Polycarbonates is usually the material of choice for active sports. Golfers can benefit from special bifocal lenses which are placed lower & special brown-green tint which offers the best visual clarity and comfort. Hunters or shooting enthusiasts can benefit from yellow tinted lenses or blublockers. Fisherman can benefit from special polaroid lenses.

Tinted Lenses   Prescription lenses can be tinted for indoor fashion or outdoor sunwear. Ask to see our tint samples to find the tint and intensity that best suits you.

Ultra Sunlens   The ultimate in sunwear fashion and performance with mirrored front side for maximum glare reduction, plus back side anti-reflective coating.

UV Protection    In the sunlight..best protect your eyes. Ultraviolet (UV) rays increase the aging process of the crystalline lens of the eye.

bulletFor a detailed list of different types of lenses, click here.