Welcome to Vision Share Program Period 2001          

We appreciate your continued patronage to our office and we welcome new patients always. We are offering wonderful gifts for referring *new patients to our office. The number of qualified patients that you refer to our office will entitle you to a free gift depending on the number that you have referred. You can redeem your Vision Share Card at any time and enter as often as you like.

*To qualify as a "new patient", they must be new to our office or haven't been to our office within the last 3 years, and must come in for a complete eye examination or purchase a year supply of contact lenses, or a complete pair of glasses. One new patient qualifies as one referral. But there is more, for "new patients" that purchase one (1) year supply of contacts and glasses,  may qualify as two referral points. Further, a "new patient" that undergoes Lasik Surgery will qualify for five (5) referral points.

This program is subject to cancellation without notice but anyone who has started this program will be allowed to redeem their points within 6 months after the termination of this program. Any misuse or deceptive practices will be void immediately.


Sample Vision Share Card that may be obtained from our office.

The above Vision Share Card is an actual reproduction of gifts offered. However, we will allow the following substitutions:

bulletFor (2) referrals: 2 Block Buster Rental certificate for DVD or VHS or Set of 4 Zippered Storage Bags (35 1/2X21X18) or Set of 4 Paper Garden Lanterns (16 inch) or 41-PC Wild Animal Art Set or Insulated Picnic Tote/Organizer or 60-PC First Aid Kit w/ Case or Electronic Pest Repellent or Floating Chair  
bulletFor (4) referrals: Free Consolidated Movie Tickets for Family of 4 or Leather Belt Watch with Compass or 41-PC Tool Tote Flashlight  or Multi-Sectional Storage Bin or Oxiclean Cleaning Kit or Wheeled Garden Storage Stool
bulletFor (6) referrals: Free 3 month supply of Focus Contact Lenses or Trimline Phone with Caller ID & Headset (White) or Portable Backpack Chair or Portable 2-Sided Steel Grill or 600-PC. Tool Set or Portable Chair w/ Footrest or Portable Backpack Chair or Canvas Swing Seat
bulletFor (8) referrals: Free (8) Consolidated Movie Tickets 
bulletFor (10) referrals: Free  $75 Gift Certificate to Chili's Restaurant or Sushi Ten Restaurant r 3 PC Deluxe Luggage Set w/ Toiletry Kit
bulletFor (12) referrals: Free $100 Gift Certificate to Sushi Ten Restaurant or Tower Fan by Windchaser with remote control
bulletFor (14) referrals: Free One-year supply of contact lens solutions or other choices are available.
bulletFor (16) referrals: Free 1 Year supply of standard colored contact lenses.
bulletFor (18) referrals: Free Maui Jim Sunglasses
bulletFor (20) referrals: Free 1 year supply of Dailes Contact lenses.
This program is subject to cancellation without notice. The gifts listed above is also subject to availability and if not available, a comprobable gift will be substituted. Gifts may take 2-4 weeks to order. Also, (10), (12), (14), (16), (18) or (20) referrals can substitute with other categories. For example, a (12) referral gift could be a (6) and (6) and etc.