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Vision Therapy

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We now offer Computerized Vision Therapy and Sports Vision Enhancement.

If you suffer from headaches, blurred vision, eyestrain while reading, feel tired after working on the computer or reading, or if you child is not doing as well in school as you know they should, or your sports game lacks the proper visual balance and skill, then you or your child may have an eye muscle problem and we can help.

One in six individuals have eye muscle problems that can lead to these and other symptoms, such as motion sickness, loss of concentration and double vision.

Left untreated, eye muscle problems can lead to:

bulletdifficulty with, and loss of interest in reading
bulletfatigue and /poor performance on the job and at school
bulletfeelings of frustration with school work that may prevent a child from working up to full potential
bulletnot achieving your full potential in sports activities

What can you do if you have an eye muscle problem?

We can now prescribe a computer-based vision therapy program which will provide the type of eye exercises needed to coordinate the muscles, improve vision and help to eliminate the symptoms associated with eye muscle problems.

With Computerized Vision Therapy, we can improve your daily sufferings from headaches and eyestrain and you can experience improved performance at school, on the job and in sports. Your child's renewed interest and enthusiasm for school can lead to better grades.


Call for more information 487-5500. This Computerized Vision Therapy requires the use of a computer. If you don't have a computer, a laptop can be loaned out to you at a most reasonable cost.